Being interviewed for Harpers Wine & Spirit

Amakarapin in the Japan Centre

I have just been interviewed by Anne Krebiehl for an article on sake for Harpers Wine & Spirit.  She asked me to meet her in the Japan Centre where there are several of the sake I import on sale.  We were also joined by Torisawa-san who is in charge of sake purchasing and marketing in the Japan Centre.  He explained how the Japan Centre sells between 30 and 40 bottles of sake a day which reflects his efforts in promoting sake.  At present, there is a display of Honjōzō with information about what makes a Honjōzō.

The article is based on sake in the UK with Anne interviewing many people well-known in the sake world such as Sayaka Watanabe (Zuma), Kumiko Tamba (Umu) and Ayako Watanabe (Sake Bar and Food Emporium).  She is kindly including me as one of the few non-Japanese working to improve sake knowledge and awareness in London.  The article is due to be published in July.


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