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Aonori – a fantastically fragrant seaweed

Aonori is a fragrant seaweed which usually comes in a small shaker or packet.  It is one ingredient which has yet to be used to its full potential in the UK.  Main uses in Japanese cuisine are as a final seasoning to sprinkle over a dish in the same way as you can use herbs.  It adds a sweet, almost herbal, aroma and flavour to the dish.

It is one of the seasonings used on top of okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) on top of the mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce instead of, or in addition to, bonito flakes.  It can also be sprinkled over takoyaki and yakisoba and I enjoy it sprinkled over nimono too.

While it has a lovely aroma straight from the packet or shaker, I will always remember the lovely aroma eminating from my suitcase when I bought a fresh bundle of it in Japan.